CAMLS Short Course Series

Lean Services and Office Kaizen (Improvement)

Course Description

Lean Thinking is not just for manufacturing. Non-manufacturing operations are becoming the larger part of the global economy; so is the hidden waste in them.


This course covers the basic lean concepts and discusses how these traditional manufacturing concepts can be extended and related to service industries and office operations. The course includes eight wastes, lean metrics, multiple lean tools, and practical case studies. The trainee will be able to:

  • Streamline the value streams of the intangible products and soft processes;

  • Identify waste in the office environment;

  • Understand what lean tools can be used to address the identified waste; and

  • Understand the basics of how to apply many lean tools.

Who should attend the course?

Company executives, business managers, directors, management engineers, enterprise process engineers, and all administrative and supporting staff.


Outline (subject to change)

Session 1 - The New Frontier of Lean Thinking

  • Lean Manufacturing and Supporting Processes

  • Lean Thinking in a Non-manufacturing Sector

  • Focusing on Value: Hear the Customer's Voice

Session 2 - Preparing for the Changes

  • Seeing the Waste in Your Value Streams

  • The "Roadmap to Lean" for a Non-manufacturing Sector

  • Lean Metrics for a Non-manufacturing Sector

Session 3 - Starting the Changes

  • Waste Elimination - Lean Tools: Part I

  • Lean Services Case Studies

Session 4 - Lean Office Simulation Game

  • Lean Office Video

Session 5 - Improving the Value Streams

  • Waste Elimination - Lean Tools: Part II

  • Value Stream Management: Part I - Current State Map

  • Value Stream Management: Part II - Future State Map

Session 6 - Pursuit of Perfection

  • Is that It? Rethink the Common Senses

  • The Journey to Lean: Implement and Sustain Your Efforts

  • Discussion


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